Know the right time, place & message

Your customers are overloaded on information coming at them from every direction. Presenting a clear and simple message when it is useful to them, is how you demonstrate to customers that you respect their time.

To successfully communicate your brand message, you have to resist trying to say it all at once or worse, forcing your message on your audience at the wrong time. The fancy marketing word is “context”.

Presenting your information at a time when users are most receptive can apply to keyword selection, website user experience, media plans and more. My favorite example of correctly placed sales pitch is when McDonald's asks “do you want fries with that” or Amazon who offers “other users also selected”.

The photo shows a recent encounter with a message that was simple, clear and conveniently placed. This simple and easy to interpret map appeared on the wall opposite of the subway aka ‘underground’ platform.

Why it works so well:

  • SIMPLE VISUAL MESSAGE - There is no extraneous information, so it is easy to glance and understand.
  • RIGHT CONTEXT - It shows you where you are and just the information you need to take the next steps.

For W Media Group clients, we are delivering a lot of InfoGraphics to help solve the messaging challenge. InfoGraphics offer a formula that allows you to present dense information in user-friendly bite sized pieces.

As you look to serve increasingly time-starved and visual customers, consider reworking your core messages in a simpler graphic format.



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