Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should

A cautionary tale of business owners “doing social media” on their own because it seems simple

We have a healthy respect for all entrepreneurs whether you are going for it full time or working at a side hustle. Rule #1 of entrepreneurship is to focus your energy on your core business and hire outside expertise for the rest.

While no one considers handling their business legal or electrical service needs on their own without a professional, social media is one of those areas where business owners are brave enough to try and go it alone.

This is where W Media Group comes in. We get the calls from business owners when things start going wrong. Hacked e-commerce accounts, hijacked brand names, and bot attacks are examples of some of the challenges we’ve been called to clean up on behalf of clients who were “figuring it out on their own”. While saving money is the motivation for going it alone, the most frequent impact is loss of time and money.

These symptoms are often not immediately identified as being caused by social media account set up errors. Impacts including unverified accounts, unsecured ecommerce, account security risks and poor reputation can all be traced back to social media account set up errors. It takes time and investigation to identify the root cause of these problems.

The best starting point is to set up a unified admin email to use for all your business social media accounts. You should personally own and add 2-factor authentication for every one of your accounts.

Our best recommendation is to contact us for an estimate to get everything set up correctly the first time. It is well worth the investment.

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